Young Chop says that Kanye West “uses artists” and fails to support them afterwards.

“The nigga Kanye don’t make it no better,” Young Chop said in a video uploaded to Instagram. “He right along with the shits. Use you, try to soak up everything niggas know, get you to write songs for him, and then don’t call you after that. Fuck.”

In a separate Instagram post, the Chicago-based producer referenced his disapproval of Kanye West’s changes to the beat for Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” of which Chop produced.

“Say for instance, like, ‘Don’t Like,’ and my boy Vic Mensa,” Young Chop adds. “They gon’ make it seem like he put them on. And he really fucking didn’t. Niggas started from the bottom.”

Young Chop’s Instagram posts can be viewed below: