Puff Daddy participated in a question and answer session Saturday (October 17) at his Revolt Music Conference and was asked how people can get involved in the 2016 presidential elections.

“See the things that’s tricky about politics is there’s so much bullshit with it,” Diddy said, according to HipHopWired. “We started Vote or Die and…and from the community we’re in, we’re not with hearing too much of the bullshit. So that’s why we get disenfranchised, [we’re] disconnected because nothing that they’re saying actually relates to us.”

The Bad Boy Entertainment boss founded Vote or Die in 2004 to encourage people to register to vote. The non-profit has not participated in an election since.

“Vote Or Die, and getting out the vote, those things [were] laid out there so people could understand about the process,” he says. “We started Vote or Die, and the whole process was all full of shit. The whole shit is a scam.”

Diddy says that he still wants people to participate in the Democratic process, but to have a proper perspective of politics.

“At the end of the day I’m not telling you not to vote,” he said. “But I’m saying be a realist and know that they motherfucking kicking some bullshit up there.”

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