Slim Jesus has received criticism for rapping about violence without living a street lifestyle.

In a freestyle with DJ Booth, the Hamilton, Ohio rapper addresses detractors who don’t like his “Drill Time” song about the drill scene in Chicago.

“Drill shit, you ain’t bout that / Big band you can’t count that / I’m sippin’ lean with that loud pack / Told me to freestyle so I spit crack / Drill Time done blew up, I’ma have to make a part 2 / Part 1 got all these rappers mad ’cause all you bitches is fufu / Get on the track talking drill shit then say that’s what you really do / In that case, I’m finna pull up and say shit ’cause it sound cool,” he raps with his iPhone.

Slim Jesus has received a warning from The Game to be careful about what he raps. Chicago rapper Lil Mouse called out Slim Jesus in his “Kill Time” diss track.

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