During a recent interview with North Carolina news station WRAL, Petey Pablo revealed how he landed a role on the second season of the Fox television series, “Empire.”

According to the Raleigh, North Carolina musician, it was Terrence Howard who recruited him for the role of Clyde, an inmate who collaborates with Howard’s character, Lucious Lyon while in prison.

Petey Pablo went on to explain that he met the actor years ago at a premiere party for the film, Hustle & Flow. At the event, Howard lost his wallet, and it was Petey Pablo who loaned him $200 for the evening.

The rapper later revealed that it wasn’t until recently that he heard back from Howard. He reached out to Pablo and offered him thousands to repay the loan and also offered him a role on “Empire.”

“He explained it to me. Where he was mentally and financially and all that,” Petey Pablo said while speaking with WRAL. “He was at a point where he didn’t think that it was any more people of humanity. ‘Musically, there’s something I want to bring to this ‘Empire’ element that I can’t find anywhere else. You had that.’ And he was like ‘I need that.’”

Pablo, who also penned several songs for “Empire,” recalled being nervous filming with the likes of Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

“I’m up here with Terrence Howard, Taraji,” he said. “I’m with Chris Rock. I’m with all these people. ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.’ And he was like ‘Just do it.’ I been talking to Terrence. And I’m hoping I don’t die. ‘I know you don’t have anything to do with it, but please protect me. Don’t kill me.’”

Petey Pablo joins a number of musicians and special guests who have made appearances on “Empire.” This season has welcomed appearances from producer Swizz Beatz, CNN news anchor Don Lemon, and Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley.

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