B.G. Knocc Out shares a story with Vlad TV (September 24) of when Dr. Dre had Eazy-E set up with Suge Knight and his goons to coerce him to sign a contract.

Thinking he was meeting up with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight to release him of his contract, Eazy-E was met with guns drawn to his face.

“They tried to bully him,” the “DPG Killa” artist says. “He told us the story. He told us that Dre called him to meet with him to sign and get him out the contracts or release him or whatever. But when he get there Suge was there. They was in a hotel room and Suge had dudes hiding in the closets and under the bed and when he get up there Suge locked the door all these cats come from under the bed and out the closet and the bathroom with guns.”

When asked if Dr. Dre was present when the altercation occurred, the West Coast artist says that Dre wasn’t.

However, he asserts that the Compton rapper set up the meeting.

Eazy was smart though,” he continues. “He didn’t put his real signature on the paper work and that’s why it never held out.”

Elsewhere in the interview, B.G. describes the moments before Eazy-E was diagnosed with AIDS adding to the conspiracy theories revolving his death.

B.G. agrees that there was foul play involved especially upon the re-surfacing of Suge Knight’s 2003 Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview where Knight describes how to properly kill some one using the blood of somebody with AIDS, calling it an “Eazy-E thing.”

“The fact that he said that and where he could’ve got the information from, I have no clue,” says B.G. “But that’s how most of us feel. That, that is what really happened.”

B.G. Knocc Out doesn’t think the Death Row CEO was the one who made it happen, however he does feel as though Suge was made privy of the information by someone of a higher authority.

The full Vlad TV interview with B.G. Knocc Out is as follows: