Slim Jesus’ “Drill Time” went viral and propelled the 19-year-old rapper from Hamilton, Ohio into the national spotlight. The rapper, who is White, discusses why he doesn’t use the word “nigga” with VladTV.

“I don’t even use that in my personal life,” he says. “It’s not even like I feel like I shouldn’t or I feel like I can’t or whatever. It’s just like a personal decision. I don’t see why I would. I just don’t feel the desire to.”

Slim Jesus says it doesn’t matter whether he’s with White, Black or Asian people. He keeps the same attitude with all of them.

“It’s not like a division thing like I’m just with my friends,” he says. “I don’t act different.”

Slim Jesus doesn’t condemn the use of the word by White people, but is not impressed with it either.

“In my opinion, personally, I just think white people sound corny saying that shit,” he says. “But I mean, on like a ‘You can do it’ end, like I think, ‘Fuck it. It’s a word.’ I don’t know. I don’t really have an opinion on the matter. I just know I don’t say it and that’s a conscious decision on my part.”

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