The estate of Tupac Shakur honored the late rapper yesterday (September 13) with a digital art gallery. The date marked the 19th anniversary of Tupac’s death.

The gallery was announced last month and was held as a contest. Fans submitted their original artwork of Tupac and the family selected 20 pieces that were featured on the rapper’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

The artists came from the states of California, New York, Delaware, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida, and the countries of England and Australia.

The art featured various portraits of the rapper. Some are colorful and some are black and white. One has the lyrics from “Ghetto Gospel” written around his face. Another image shows the rapper imposed on a book cover for Niccoló Machiavelli’s The Prince. Tupac called himself “Makaveli” after reading the Italian philosopher’s works in prison.

Below are selected images from the gallery. To view the entire collection, visit Tupac’s Twitter or Instagram pages.

Anthony Melice – Buffalo, NY #2PacArt #RIP2Pac #2Pac

A photo posted by Tupac Shakur (@2pac) on

@_nicolelouise_art_ – Australia. #2PacArt #RIP2Pac #2Pac

A photo posted by Tupac Shakur (@2pac) on

@TrystenJHC – Colorado. #2PacArt #RIP2Pac #2Pac

A photo posted by Tupac Shakur (@2pac) on

@aragnakerart – Los Angeles, CA, #2PacArt #RIP2Pac #2Pac

A photo posted by Tupac Shakur (@2pac) on

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