A$AP Rocky and Pharrell have created some of the best cult fanbases in Hip Hop and part of the reason is because they offer a style and music that differs from most.

Recently sitting down with Beats 1 Radio, the two musicians spoke about their fanbases and being original. Rocky says that mainstream fans bandwagon artists and cult ones are more likely to stick around for the cause.

“Most fans are fickle,” he explained. “Meek Mill was the man last week, then the Drake stuff happened and people wanna bandwagon… You know there’s politics to that. I do think that was a good battle [laughs].” Rocky would continue by explaining how important Kanye West is in allowing Hip Hop artists to be themselves.

“There would be no cats like myself if it wasn’t for fellas like you, Kanye West,” he said, “Being daring, just being yourself.”

Pharrell was asked about being himself and he explained that originality and creative control makes things more fun.

“When you discover that it’s so much more fun to be you than fitting in… That’s why we made that record, ‘[Mr.] Me Too,’ ’cause everybody was like, ‘you got that? ‘Me Too,” and it just became annoying,” he said. “Like, who are you? I’m happy to say right now, people like yourself, Kendrick, y’all are just happy being yourselves, and it doesn’t matter… You hear it in the music. You just hear that freedom.”

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