Big Boi is teaming up with Rock duo Phantogram to release Big Grams EP September 25. To promote the project, the artists participated in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything.

Big Boi was asked questions about his work as a member of OutKast and addresses the possibility of a movie detailing the story of his music career with Andre 3000.

“With all the hype of Staight [Outta] Compton It has made me curious of other great rap stories. Any chance of an Outkast biopic of you and Andre in the future?” a user asks.

“Me and ‘Dre were just discussing this over Labor Day. Stay tuned. – Big,” he says.

Big Boi is asked about his current relationship with Andre 3000. The duo has not released an album since 2006’s IdlewildComedians Key and Peele made a skit parodying the two rappers annoying each other at a cafe.

“Big Boi – have you seen the Key and Peele sketch about you and Andre meeting at a coffee shop? and if so, what did you think about it? How is your relationship with Andre 3000?”

“It was funny but it was way off,” the Atlanta rapper responds. “Anybody who follows me on my social media accounts knows that we have been hanging out all summer with our children. We’ve been going paintballing and had a good personal summer of brotherhood. We’ve been doing music so long together that we’re just getting back to the friendship. The sketch was funny though. – Big”

Big Boi is also asked about the collaboration on Big Grams with Run the Jewels.

“Hows working with run the jewels like? Did you collab in person?”

“Killer Mike came in the studio and crushed. It was great working with him. We had to actually email El-P his stuff. – Big”