Phife Dawg recently hosted Red Bull BC One’s North American Finals for breaking and among being a part of promoting a thinning element of Hip Hop, he spoke about a few more recent topics.

Recently sitting down with with HipHopDX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett, the Tribe Called Quest member says a rapper cannot claim to be the greatest if they use a ghostwriter.

“If you have a ghostwriter, you can’t claim king,” Phife Dawg said via a segment of today’s (September 8) DX Daily. “You’re just an extra spitting verses if you have a ghostwriter and there’s nothing wrong with that. But keep it 100, own your truth.”

The discussion was sparked from general Hip Hop’s back-and-fourth over the use of ghostwriters after it was discovered that Drake used a ghostwriter for numerous songs he recently released.

Red Bull BC One held it’s breaking competition North American Finals a few weeks ago in Orlando. The event is one of the biggest in B-boying/B-girling culture that remains.

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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