Too Short was arrested by police back in 2013 for possession of drugs and possibly being under the influence while operating a vehicle.

Recently sitting down with Shade 45 and Sway Calloway, the Bay Area legend described the night and what came of it afterward.

“We can call it whatever you want but I just feel like in my career I’ve been fortunate to come up in an era where I was fortunate and there wasn’t social media and all eyes on you,” he said when asked about running from police. “Artists, we did a lot of stupid stuff and we could’ve been blasted on social media so many times in our young careers but we didn’t have that environment. But it still caught up with me later on.”

Too Short continued explained why he ran and the jail time he was facing. He also says that an issue with paperwork had him in prison longer than anticipated.

“I was going to court handling my business,” he said. “It was going to be a don’t do it again situation and I missed turning in some paperwork. I went to court one day and they were like, ‘Let’s just hold on to him for a minute,’ and I’m like I never spent two nights in jail in my life in a row. They ended up giving me 90 days and I’m sitting there talking to my brother on the phone going, ‘Man, I’m 49. I’m not supposed to be going to jail for the first time.’ That’s something you’re supposed to do when you’re young and dumb.”

Sway and Short also talked about meeting one another in the mid-1980s and Short’s early days as a rapper in Oakland.

Watch the full Sway segment below: