Maryland rapper Wax premiered “This One’s On Me” yesterday (August 28) on Elton John’s Beats 1 radio show.

The Def Jam emcee says that the song is a tribute to his twin brother and those who have helped him along in his career.

“Once I started having success, I felt it necessary to give back to those that helped me when I needed it,” he says via press release. “The song is sort of an ‘I got your back’ kind of tune, but it could work in any situation. It’s about paying it forward, not being greedy and hooking somebody up.”

The release describes the cut as “a fun radio-friendly song with an uplifting and kind message behind it.”

“This one’s on me / Don’t worry ’bout it / Put down your wallet / It’s cool / This one’s on me / Go have another / I’ve got it covered/ It’s the least I can do” the chorus to the track goes.

A video for the track is expected next month and was directed by Flags of our Fathers and Cruel Intentions actor Ryan Phillippe.

Wax’s forthcoming album is scheduled to release this fall.

“I haven’t put out an album in over two years and I think my fanbase that I worked to build is ready for new music,” he says. “People are waiting for it and anticipating it. I’m excited to put it out.”