Eazy-E’s daughter, Erin, “E.B.” Wright, spoke with DatzHott about the forthcoming documentary she is producing about her father’s death. She says that her film will fill in holes that Straight Outta Compton left in her dad’s legacy.

“You’re gonna see a lot more of my dad’s life, stuff that you didn’t really get to see in the movie, touch on a lot more things that people don’t know about him,” she says of the film, A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies.

E.B. says that people don’t know the full story surrounding Eazy-E‘s death and what happened to his family afterwards. She is working on the film with her mother and sister. They have been working on the documentary since at least 2013 and she said Monday (August 24) on Twitter that the film is scheduled to be released next year.

“I’m pretty much gonna touch on every little thing that people wanna know about and things that people don’t even know that they wanna know about yet,” she says. “It’s gonna be very jaw-dropping.”

Elsewhere in the interview, E.B. says that Eazy-E would be happy with today’s Rap industry.

“I feel like where he was going 20 years ago was in the direction that it is now,” she says. “I think he’d be proud. Everybody’s very independent now. Everybody is true to themselves, just being artists, very outspoken. You’ve got the Kanyes, people just being them, so I think that he’d be proud.”

Earlier this month, she said she enjoyed Straight Outta Compton and that actor Jason Mitchell did a good job portraying her father.

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