Newark, New Jersey rapper Redman is looking to take a more behind the scenes approach with his career now that he’s “getting older.” While speaking exclusively with, Red revealed that he no longer desires to be in front of the camera, and would rather be able to direct music videos and movies.

The musician shared the news of his career switch while on set for Erick Sermon’s “React” music video, which he co-directed.

“I’m getting older,” Redman said. “I don’t wanna be on the camera too much no more. I don’t wanna be an actor. I always wanted to be behind the scenes. I work good. [I’m] better behind the scenes with people. So, I just want to learn. I just want to be able to direct movies. And my guy said he needed video. I can just grab the camera and go shoot his video for free.”

For those eager for the release of the sequel to the film How High, it appears that Redman and Method Man face yet another roadblock. According to Redman, a check for the film has yet to be received.

“The check ain’t signed yet for How High part two,” he said. “So, until it’s signed, that’s when I get happy. I don’t smile no more until the check’s signed. So, I want to be behind the scenes. Any of my guys need something shot, I wanna be on point.”

Last year, Redman revealed that he and Meth did have a meeting with Universal in regards to How High 2. Despite the pair’s meeting with Universal, updates about the film have remained scarce.

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