Following news that Humble Beast Records greatly cut down its roster of artists, Beautiful Eulogy, a group that remained signed to the label recently spoke on the cut.

The group was asked where they see the label going in the future, following its roster of artists being trimmed down.

In response, Beautiful Eulogy member and Humble Beast Records co-founder, Bryan “Braille” Winchester revealed that those at the label are currently trying to assess what the best move for them would be at the moment.

“I mean, I think right now we’re just at a point where we’re continuing to assess what are the wisest things for us to do,” Braille said during an interview with DJ Wade-O. “Given all the varying factors that exist kinda for our unique ministry. And so, I think—It’s one of those things when you know you’re about to go through a big change or a big transition, it just like—there’s a lot of buildup.

“So, I think at this point it’s just kinda like a relief for us,” he added. “Since that is the direction things are going, it’s good to just have that out in the open and be moving in that direction. So now, we’re really just thinking about ‘Okay. Now based on our transition, based on our changes, how can we just continue growing in a healthy, sustainable ministry model as Humble Beast? And continue focused on our mission.’”

Among those who were cut from Humble Beast Records earlier this summer were Eshon Burgundy, Foreknown, Alert312, and Lee Green.