Ice Cube checked out the Rap Genius annotations on his verse from N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” and offered his corrections in a video from Vanity Fair.

Ice Cube read the online interpretation of the song’s opening lyric.

“Ice Cube is not shy about using a sawed-off shotgun to kill people when necessary,” Ice Cube reads the annotation. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Cube does not quite agree with the interpretation of his “cook em in a pot like gumbo” lyrics.

“Cube’s gumbo recipe substitutes the flesh of his enemies for the Andouille sausage,” Cube reads then reacts. “Kind of, but not really. This is more of a threat of taking my enemies and cookin they asses silent.”

Ice Cube compares his crime record to Charles Manson and the Internet commenters have it spot on.

“Cube’s raps will keep you entertained, but he is a real criminal on par with notorious murderer/ cult leader / friend of The Beach Boys Charles Manson,” the comment reads. “Yeah that’s tight.”

Ice Cube does not agree with all the interpretations, such as that for his “So when I’m in your neighborhood, you better duck, because Ice Cube is crazy as fuck” lyric toward the verse’s end.

“It would be wise to duck, especially in LA. An early 1990s study on drive by shootings in Los Angeles found that 38%-59% of victims were bystanders that failed to get out of the way,” the comment reads.

Ice Cube refutes this interpretation.

“Kind of sorta of, but not really,” Ice Cube says. “It’s basically saying I’m a crazy mutherfucker named Ice Cube and I’m coming from a crazy-ass gang, so you better get out of the way.”

The iconic ending of Ice Cube’s verse, “As I leave, believe I’m stomping, but when I come back boy, I’m coming straight outta Compton,” receives a proper annotation.

“Oh yeah and by the way, after I shout up your house in a drive by, I will stomp on the gas pedal and drive off very quickly,” Ice Cube reads. “That’s the perfect interpretation of my lyrics.”

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