Ice Cube was a special guest yesterday (August 1) on Dr. Dre’s “The Pharmacy” Beats 1 radio show. Cube says that seeing his son, O’Shea Jackson, Jr., play him in the forthcoming N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton was something special.

“I describe it as watching your son win the Super Bowl for the same team you won the Super Bowl with,” he says. “That’s the feeling I got watching him work, knowing that he was in great hands.”

Cube expressed a lot of trust in director F. Gary Gray. He says that Gray challenged Jackson, Jr. to be his best.

Gray also comments on the casting, saying that there were many factors besides blood.

“For me, I’m not going to cast him just because he’s your son,” Gray says. “No question. We had a lot of conversations about it. I had to think about the relationship we had. But also had to say, listen, this is my career. This is the story. When the novelty of it being Cube’s son wears off, he’s gotta carry this movie.”

Cube reiterates the fact that his son was not handed the role on merit of his name alone.

“He did not just get the job just because he’s Cube’s son,” he says. “He put in his work. He did everything he needed to do and he worked hard and he’s amazing in the movie.”

Also on “The Pharmacy,” Dr. Dre announced his first album in 14 years, Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre due out August 7. Ice Cube hinted at the project on Wednesday (July 29).

Straight Outta Compton is scheduled to appear in theaters August 14.

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