While fans wait for his debut album, Jay Electronica on Monday (July 20) offered to e-mail one of his fans some new music to release whenever he wanted to.

Rob, who Jay Electronica renamed Raab, was initially being teased by his friends.

“What will happen first…” his friend asks. “Rob will get some pussy or @JayElectronica will drop an album?”

Electronica took notice and offers Rob a few words of encouragement.

“Don’t worry sir, you’re time is coming and all your buddies gonna be sick when you strike gold,” the Roc Nation artist tweets.

“One day soon Rob will be Lord over you all!” he continues.

The “Road To Perdition” rapper also starts referring to Rob as Raab, which means Lord in Arabic, and asks him to DM his email.

“DM me your email addy and i will send you a song that you can enjoy and release to the public whenever you see fit,” Jay tweets to Raab.

“Ok I’m out. Peace all. Raab, you got my number, text me. Peace,” the New Orleans emcee posts.

The Jay Electronica cut “Man Up” leaked yesteray (July 22). It was recorded back George W. Bush was in office. “Man Up” is not the song that Jay offered to send to Raab.

Raab has yet to receive the new music offered by Jay Electronica.







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