With the instances of police brutality and public protest getting more and more shine each day by the media, Hip Hop is beginning to represent a lot of what is happening in the world.

Hot off the release of their latest video, “Warzone,” Los Angeles duo Mann and Geo Brown described to HipHopDX’s Ural Garrett their PeaceLife movement and who’s involved.

“PeaceLife is my label, it’s my lifestyle, it’s everything for me,” Mann said via a segment of today’s (July 22) DX Daily. “Basically last year I decided to start something to kind of talk to the people and be direct with the people and create my universe.”

The duo also detailed what it means to work hard and that the image most emcees portray in Hip Hop isn’t always the same.

“We talking to society with all the shit going on,” Brown said. “We all got to do something to make a living. We not all out here trapping, we not all out here doing what some artists might depict that all artists do. We got to pay bills, we got to take care of shit so I’m just being as honest as I can with people.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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