During an interview with This Is 50, Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels spoke on a variety of topics, including his relationship with Meek Mill, the reason behind his breakup with Nicki, and more.

In regards to his relationship with Meek prior to his breakup with Nicki, Safaree revealed that the two were not friends, but did know of one another.

He was also asked if he felt that the Philly lyricist was interested in Nicki when they were together. In response to that particular question, he explained that it was hard to gauge any possible interest since Nicki had a number of admirers.

“I knew him. We weren’t friends,” Safaree said. “We was cordial. It’s obvious that everybody wants her. I don’t look at niggas and be like ‘Yeah, this is my boy right here. He would never do that.’ No nigga, every nigga wants her. I’m not dumb. I got cousins who used to hit me up and say dumb shit.”

Later in the interview, Safaree was asked if there was a specific reason why he and Nicki broke up. He attributed the couple’s breakup to overall changes, from people around them changing to situations changing.

“People grow apart. Nah, that wasn’t the problem,” he said when asked if he cheated on the rapper. “Nah, that wasn’t an issue. It’s just people outgrow each other, you know? It’s just high intense situations and just being around somebody for so long things just—A lot of things change. People change. Things around you change. So, situations just change.”

Shortly after the two parted ways in late 2014, Nicki began a relationship with fellow artist, Meek Mill. In a story published by TMZ late last year, it was reported that Safaree believed Meek may have ruined his relationship with Nicki.

“Safaree is telling friends he won’t get in touch with Nicki because she’s now hooked up with Meek Mill. He says it’s torture for him, because he believes Meek Mill destroyed his relationship with Nicki over false claims he cheated,” TMZ reported last December.

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