Joey Bada$$ addressed the Twitter beef that took place between himself and Troy Ave a few weeks back during an interview with HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning yesterday (July 7).

During the conversation, Joey Bada$$ admitted that when he called himself the “#1 Independent Hip Hop artist/brand in the world,” it could have riled any one of his peers yet Troy Ave decided to reply because it appeared to be a diss towards him due to his name being in the headlines at the time because of his album sales.

“I wanna explain the whole situation though,” he says. “Basically I put out that tweet and I felt what I said—at the end of the day, anybody could felt a way about it. Not just him. There’s people who came out this year that did similar numbers to him, or who did way lower numbers than I did and who is a way bigger artist than me and stuff like that. So what I said could have made anybody feel a way but he chose to get particularly insecure about what I said, due to the timing of when I said it.”

Despite their exchange of words, Joey Bada$$ went on to note that he does respect Troy Ave because he’s an independent artist, similar to himself.

“At some point you gotta have a level of respect for Troy because at the end of the day, we’re both two independent artists who [are] standing on major platforms next to a whole bunch of major artists and they know who we are, and they show us respect,” Joey Bada$$ says. “You gotta give respect where it’s due and I respect Troy for that in some aspects of it. I’m not here to shoot anyone down, I’m not here to be against anybody, everybody know I’m here to unite this whole shit, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. We briefly spoke about it through mutual friends and it got squashed and that’s what it was.”

Later in the conversation, Joey Bada$$ weighed in on Troy Ave’s comments about being a “fake independent.”

“I don’t care about that,” he says. “How am I fake independent? I’m here doing this shit by myself. You see any manager in here with me? Nah… The thing that a lot of people don’t understand is what I actually do for my career. I do everything. Everything comes through me. I am literally the boss of my operation. Things don’t move unless I approve it, unless I say so. That’s how it is. A lot of people don’t understand that my whole operation is being ran by me. It’s nobody else behind it. There’s not a label.”

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