Talib Kweli has always been known to speak about social justice both via his music and also in public outlets.

Staying true to his conscious, the Black Star rapper recently took to Twitter to air out his beliefs about White privilege, among other topics, while simultaneously replying to others who disagree with his opinion.

Some of the points Kweli made also included his comparisons between Black struggle and White representation in the media.

“Black folks out here getting murdered, literally, and white dudes tweeting me mad cuz the Jeffersons still on and George say honky. Wowsers,” he said in one tweet today (July 5).

Talib Kweli also spent time providing advice on how to push back against both random and institutional racism.

“If I say ‘hey racism still exists’ and you hear & interpret that as ‘ALL whites are racist, you too’, then you probably are,” he wrote in a tweet and then followed up with: “If ppl spent a fraction of the time pushing back against actual oppression that they spend being scared 2 b called racist we’d get somewhere.”

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