50 Cent performed in Kidd Kidd’s place at the XXL Freshmen concert last night (June 30) in New York City. Kidd Kidd was arrested prior to the concert.

In a video from The Trophy Life, 50 Cent says on stage that he does not know what the charges are against the G-Unit rapper. But, 50 says he is going to bail him out, unlike Epic Records executive vice president Sha Money XL, whose label left Bobby Shmurda in jail. Literal gunshots go off from the PA system as 50 speaks.

“I ain’t like Sha Money,” 50 Cent says. “Sha Money got Bobby Shmurda still in the joint (pow pow pow). The left the niggas in the jailhouse (pow). The whole GS9.”

Sha Money XL used to be 50’s manager and was president of his G-Unit. In 2013, Sha Money became executive vice president of urban A&R at Epic Records. The label signed “Hot Nigga” rapper Bobby Shmurda last year.

In December, Shmurda and his GS9 crew were arrested on conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges. The label said they would pay the $2 million bail, but didn’t.

“Nobody made bail,” 50 says. “That’s crazy. Nobody made bail? Sha Money did that shit, man. How you gonna have money in your name and not have money to get a nigga out? (pow) Something’s not right.”

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