Young Guru says that he and Jay Z went to the studio the day that “Ether” came out.

“In a less than 24-hour period, you got ‘Supa Ugly’ as a response,” he says on the Combat Jack Show.

The Jamla Director of Operations says that “Takeover,” not “Supa Ugly” should define the Nas-Jay Z feud.

“If you put ‘Takeover’ versus ‘Supa Ugly,’ ‘Takeover”s a better record,” he says. “‘Takeover’ has facts. ‘Supa Ugly’ is playing the dozens… ‘Takeover’ didn’t lose to ‘Ether’ on the radio. ‘Supa Ugly’ lost to ‘Ether’ on the radio.”

He says that when he and Jay Z went to Hot 97, Angie Martinez played “Ether” right after premiering  “Supa Ugly,” which is what got fans interested in the feud.

Guru gives insight into the creation of “Takeover” and says that Jay Z tested it out at Summer Jam before recording it.

“He ends the second verse, ‘Ask Nas, he don’t want it with Hov, no.’ Then you didn’t hear the third verse. He never did the third verse at Summer Jam. Comes back, lays the third verse after Summer Jam.”

The engineer says he personally asked Jay Z if he could mix the track.

“I’ve got my Roc-A-Fella chain on,” he says. “I’m fully all the way in. This is competition.”

Young Guru says, “it was just fun to do.”

“This was always all Hip Hop,” he continues. “It was never no point where I don’t think anybody from either side wanted to do physical harm to nobody, like that’s dumb.”

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