A$AP Rocky grew up listening to Reggae music.

“I love ’90s fucking Reggae Rap,” he says to Boomshots. “Niggas was killing shit.”

He starts singing “Boom Bye Bye” by Buju Banton. The song has come under criticism for promoting violence towards gay men.

“It’s not really about what he’s saying for me,” A$AP Rocky says.

He says that at the time the song was released, it was not considered controversial. Now that same-sex relationships are more accepted, the Harlem rapper still enjoys the song for what it is.

“Hip Hop was the most homophobic genre of all,” he says. “So
we’re talking about the core of Hip Hop, 1993. The fuck you expect? Buju
wasn’t playing none of that shit. It’s accepted now. I’m open to that. I
love that the world is like that. That’s fine. He made a song in 1993
when that wasn’t okay, and if you ask me if it sounds ill, it does.”


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