Gangsta Boo is working on her Candy, Diamonds & Pills album and says it is influenced by her boyfriend’s genre of choice.

“I’m a punk rock fan and my boyfriend puts me on a lot of punk rock songs,” she says to Nahright. “I will walk in and hear him play [that music] and run out the house thinking that he some fucking loser listening to a bunch of ratchet [music]. But once I started listening to it just like people started listening to Three 6 it was like, ‘Aw, these motherfuckers are saying something.’ Candy, Diamonds & Pills comes from a group called Dramarama and the song is called “Anything [,Anything],” and in a verse he saying, ‘I give you candy, I give you diamonds, I give you pills, I give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills.’ I was like, ‘Oh shit, Candy, Diamond & Pills.’”

The first lady of Three 6 Mafia also says if she could to redo the rollout for her collaborative album Witch with La Chat, she would.

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“It was good and it was something people wanted to hear but it didn’t turn out right because it wasn’t a lot of promotion on it,” she says. “It was just too much going on at the time. I was on tour with [DJ] Paul. We put out that album because people wanted to hear it and we did it but it was a lot of, lot of mistakes being made with that project and if I could take it back I wouldn’t have even done it like that. I would’ve probably just did it and gave it out for free instead of selling it… Or I probably wouldn’t have done it at all. I probably wouldn’t have made it so dark.”