During a newly-released interview with HipHopSince1987, Beanie Sigel was asked if he was able to foresee the success of State Property. In response to the question, the Philly lyricist revealed that he expected more success from the group he’s been a part of for well over a decade.

He then explained that politics kept the group from reaching their potential success.

“I expected more, but the politics was in the way,” Beanie Sigel said. “I expected more. I knew it was going big. I knew what it was gonna be. Everybody had individual situations. But the strength is in the numbers…From the movies to the clothes to the property, I knew it. If the politics wasn’t in the way and they’d have given me the keys to the vehicle, oh my God. We had the world wearing our clothes.”

Sigel also recalled the moments leading up to performing at Jay Z’s B-Sides concert for TIDAL. He says he was initially told to clear out two dates on his calendar, and later found out about the concert while scrolling through Instagram.

“It was good,” he said when asked about being brought out by Jay Z. “It was what it was supposed to be. Perfect timing. I got a call—Before the show I probably got a call a month prior to that. And was like ‘Yo, we got a meeting. I need you to clear these two dates for me.’ So, I didn’t know what was going on. I was like ‘Alright, they cleared.’ I kept asking…So, as time goes by I’m thumbing through the ‘Gram, I said ‘Oh! Let me find out.’ And then it was what it was.”

During his interview, Sigel also stated that he’s on good terms with Dame Dash. He later added that he’s waiting for his body to heal following last year’s shooting, before he starts to reveal details on the projects he’s currently working on.

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