After suffering a bullet wound to the abdomen late last week, Beanie Sigel is currently in critical but stable condition according to an updated report from New quotes from a police officer familiar with the case reveal that Sigel was at the home of his brother-in-law, 22 year-old Umar Salahuddin, when he was shot and then found by police in the basement of the property.

Lt. Danny Adcock told that Sigel’s involvement in the incident may have been purely coincidental and that he was likely an unintended target.”He may have become involved in something that was not necessarily his own doing,” Adcock said. “Just wrong place, wrong time, if you will.”

Sigel’s brother-in-law, who was charged with illegal possession of a firearm in 2010 and then again for drug possession this year, was found on the scene of the shooting with his own minor injuries, “scrapes and bruises to his face and arms” according to the report, but has refused to cooperate with the police investigation. “Because of his lack of cooperation, we’re not sure how he received those,” the same police lieutenant said.

While it seems that the gunshots were fired during a fight near the property, police say they still have no suspects.

“We do have some leads we’re following up on,” Adcock said, “but cooperation from the family is minimal.”

Sigel was released from prison in August after serving time for tax evasion and spent time in a Philadelphia halfway house following the release. The State Property emcee had moved into his brother-in-law’s house and was serving the final day of his home confinement sentence the morning he was shot.

HipHopDX caught up with Beanie Sigel’s fellow Philadelphia rapper Cassidy while he was in Los Angeles to battle Dizaster and asked him about the shooting.

“Sigel, that’s my bro man,” Cassidy said. “I wish him the best. I hope he recover quickly and everything good with him.”

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