Beef between rappers is something typical these days, especially via social media. Feuds between Hip Hop artists and media personalities is considerably less common.

Kid Cudi, who has beefed over Twitter in the past, recently took to the same platform to open up some wounds from the past and this time, former Hot 97 hosts Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff were the recipients of a delayed blindside.

“Look at these two fucks tryna play me back in the day,” the Cleveland native tweeted early Saturday (June 6). “This was 2009. Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff. Fuckin clueless.” Martinez, who’s known to speak her mind, decided she wasn’t going to let it go and fired back at Cudi today (June 7).

“Soooo, u got an entourage cameo and u feelin yourself??!” She said in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Lol u were in my house… and i was tryna show u love. clown. smh @KidCudi.” Cudi didn’t decide to let that go either and swung back by saying Angie was trying to play him.

@angiemartinez stop it,” he responded. “U were tryna play me. This isn’t up for discussion or debate. I didnt give a fuck what u thought then or now. Peace.” The interview segment shows Kid Cudi getting visibly upset toward the end of it. While it seemed as if Martinez and Enuff were just cracking jokes–something they did a lot as co-hosts–Cudi didn’t find it funny, even six years later.

View all relevant tweets during the short spar below:

Angie Tweet


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