Chris Brown reportedly tried to reunite with former girlfriend Karrueche Tran in Hollywood yesterday (June 4), but the encounter also led to the police pulling up outside her house.

“A police car pulled up outside Karrueche’s house early this morning while Chris was there,” TMZ reports. “Law enforcement sources tell us someone called cops to complain about the noise Chris and co. were making at her door. We’re told officers spoke to Chris and Karrueche, but there was no evidence of a crime … so no tickets, no arrests.”

The pair was seen at the Playhouse nightclub. Chris Brown got the V.I.P. table next to Tran, much to the displeasure of the model.

“We’re told KT was PISSED and left the club … and Brown followed … eventually weaseling his way into her SUV,” TMZ reports. “Our sources connected to Karrueche say KT did NOT want him inside — and dropped him off with his friends a short time later.”

Chris Brown later went to her house at three in the morning, and she agreed to meet him at a diner.

“Once inside, we’re told they began to argue and it escalated into a full-blown shouting match,” TMZ says. “Eventually, Karrueche left the restaurant and returned home — without Chris.”

Tran dumped Brown in March when news broke that the singer had a baby born to another woman.

“[I feel hurt] because of what he’s done,” Tran said during a March interview. “[I feel hurt] because the man I loved hurt me and betrayed me. I also feel like I let myself down.”

In late May, Chris Brown threatened Tran via social media over her photos with Tyson Beckford.

They are not reportedly getting back together.

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