Joey Bada$$ has grown a lot when it comes to discussing social issues or even his own work and much of that has to do with getting older. The Brooklyn rapper, who is now 20, has moved from mostly being shy in interviews to opening up about current events and more.

Recently speaking with HipHopDX Editor-In-Chief Justin Hunte at Los Angeles Power 106’s PowerHouse concert, Joey opened up about violence in the United States and says everything is just a continuation of what has already happened.

“Everything that’s happening is just part of a plan that’s been in store for like a very, very long time,” he said via a segment in Thursday’s (May 21) DX Daily. “Now it’s just a new age and a whole bunch of things [are different].”

Joey Bada$$ followed up by offering a quote that he lives by and hopes that others will follow it as well.

“It’s crazy,” he explained. “I don’t want to get too deep inside of it man but it’s this quote that I tell a lot of people, ‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Everyone thinks that Jimi Hendrix but it’s this philosopher called Sri Chinmoy… I really live by that right there.”

The Pro.Era headman also told DX in an unrelated matter recently that he wanted to shift the focus of his group from himself to Kirk Knight. He himself released his B4.DA.$$ album in January.

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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