Scarface recently released his memoir, Diary Of A Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap. The autobiography details many aspects of the Houston native’s life including well known facts and interesting tidbits unknown by the general public.

DX Daily recently sifted through his story and found out some items of note. For example, Face used to be a DJ before he became the southern rap legend we know him as today. In Diary Of A Madman he details why he became a rapper, which is connected.

“Shit, I even started rapping just so I could be a better DJ,” he wrote. “You can blame Whodini’s Grandmaster Dee for that. He was a DJ who could rap, and I just knew that I could outrap him. So I started rapping because I wanted to make sure that if I ever got into a battle with a DJ who could rap, I’d have all my bases covered… And shit, once I’d made that choice, there wasn’t any question.” Scarface then continued by explaining how that got him moving forward and never looking back.

“I wasn’t just going to be a DJ who could rap, I was going to be the best rapper at my school. I was going to be the coldest DJ/Rapper you ever heard.”

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