In today’s DX Daily Weekend Edition we take you inside Yelawolf’s private Love Story listening event held in Los Angeles this week. Wolf broke down the meaning behind single, “Whiskey In A Bottle.” Also, Scarface released his memoir this week. It’s called Diary Of A Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap. In the book he details his love for rock bands AC/DC and KISS, among others. He also explains how he only started rapping because he wanted to be the best DJ in the world. Interesting stuff. Finally, Snoop Dogg held a listening session for his upcoming album BUSH yesterday (April 23) in Los Angeles. The album is entirely produced by Pharrell. Snoop shares a hilarious anecdote about the recording session for “California Roll” which features Stevie Wonder.

Shot & Edited By: James Kreisberg (@Ex_James)

Written By: Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)

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