Tech N9ne’s next record will be dedicated to the passing of his mom, the Strange Music artist says in an interview with label mate Murs.

“My new fuckin’ record, man,” Tech N9ne says in XXL, “it’s probably going to be the biggest record I’ve ever done. Not because of the features or anything. The features are humongous, but big as in when it comes to the music, the production, the artwork and concepts behind the music and everything. And it’s dedicated to my mom, the passing of my mom. So it starts pretty dark.”

Tech N9ne says that he was not going to delay the release of his upcoming Special Effects and he kept on touring in memory of his mom.

“She wouldn’t have wanted me to stop anything,” Tech N9ne says. “I got her with me so why would I break down? I just have to keep on pushing. She represents pure love, you know what I’m saying? So I have to keep spreading that love to the people that are out there for me. I lost her in the air when I was on tour. I was flying from somewhere to Denver to do Summer Jam with Kendrick Lamar. I already had the day after Summer Jam off, so I’m like, ‘I’m gonna go kiss mama one last time.’ And I just knew… When I landed in Denver, Travis called me as soon as I turned my phone on. He’s like, ‘I got something to tell you.’ I’m like, ‘Uh oh,’ and he told me. I was like, ‘Fuck,’ and I just sat there on the plane for a minute, and totally tore up once we got to the venue. I just wanted to go to the hotel room and chill, man. I still came home the next day. Me and my brothers and sisters ate some soul food and we laughed and talked and shit.”

Tech N9ne says that the quest for global domination keeps motivating him to work harder.

“Well, what me and Travis set out to do, man, people say we crazy but what we want is world domination,” Tech N9ne. “We want global acceptance or notoriety. And that means I wanna tread every piece of this earth and give them what I have. That’s why I keep adding to our show. Now I have the live band with me. I take this as big as I can go. I wanna be the muthafucka on television when the Grammys or the BET Awards or the Hip Hop Honors come on or whoever the fuck is on TV getting awards. I wanna be the one who opens the bitch up and I’m doing my thing. I want people to see that real shit, that real passion. I want people around the world to know that I give all of this and I expect it back. That’s why I got the word ‘sacrifice’ all across my chest, ’cause I give so much of my life away for this. I want everything out of it and what I want out of it is to tread every piece of this earth before we say, ‘Fuck it.’”

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