De La Soul is currently finishing up its upcoming studio album, And The Anonymous Nobody, in Atlanta.

Dave and Posdnous stopped by ATL radio station 90.1’s “A Closer Look” to discuss a variety of topics, including recording their new album independently and how they have remained a solid group for more than two decades.

When asked how it feels to release their first album in 11 years, Dave responds:

It’s a good feeling like we’re going back to some sort of innocence like 3 Feet High and Rising,” he says. “This part is about not being on a label or tied to a corporation or a contract or anything like that. That feels good and that space is really comfortable for the last 11 years, we’ve of course been on the road and always making music, but really I think it’s just somewhere about just enjoying freedom. To be signed to a label and committed to an agenda, sometimes not yours, it felt good for after 15 years – 12 years to just be totally released from that.”

Dave, Maseo and Pos ultimately parted ways with Tommy Boy Records and Matthew Knowles’ Sanctuary Record Group in the early 2000s. Now, the group plans to release its first ever album independently.

When asked how the group has stuck together for 25 years, Pos says it’s because their “just brothers.”

“We’ve always had opportunities to record on our own,” he says. “We’ve always tried to include each other and still, the projects have never come out because De La Soul is where we find our roots, our foundation. We’re just brothers, we’re friends.”

Listen to the full interview here.