Ghostface Killah has been involved in a lawsuit concerning his sampling of the “Iron Man Theme” song on his 2000 album, Supreme Clientele, for nearly four years.

Last year, a judge ruled in favor of the creator of the theme song, Jack Urbont, due to a default judgement.

On Monday (April 20), a New York federal judge granted summary judgment to Ghostface, Sony Music and Razor Sharp Records.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ruling was handed down by U.S. District Court judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, who reportedly determined that since Marvel’s Stan Lee hired Urbont to create the theme song for the 1960s television show, The Marvel Super Heroes, Urbont’s tune was deemed a “work made for hire.”

Buchwald’s decision means Marvel owns the work and Urbont has no standing to claim an illegal sample.

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