Tyler, the Creator recently conducted his second interview since releasing his latest album, Cherry Bomb, on Los Angeles radio station 92.3 with Big Boy.

Coming off of two weekend performances at Coachella, Tyler says that his show caught the attention of Rihanna at the Indio, California music and arts festival. After doing a comedic interpretation of the pop star, Tyler says he told her, “I thought the show sucked, but I’m happy you and your friends liked it.”

Later in the interview, Tyler talks about crafting Cherry Bomb.

“I will never make a song better than Stevie Wonder’s ‘Where Were You When I Need You,'” he says. “I have to make something good like that and that’s what pushes me. The fact that in my head that I will never make a song as good as that, that’s what pushes me. I always push myself harder. I’m trying things and trying to be better.”

As for working with Lil Wayne and Kanye West, who are both featured on “Smuckers,” Tyler says teaming up with the two veterans was “cool.”

“It was tight,” he says. “They know what era of them I appreciate, so they brought that onto the song that I have with them. It was just crazy to hear me go back-and-forth with Wayne…When I went in with Charlie Wilson, that was dope. For him to trust my melodies, and my runs.. and for him to nail them was crazy.”

Watch the full interview below:

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