Exactly five years after Wiz Khalifa released his Kush & Orange Juice mixtape, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper spoke with MTV News about the project being labeled a “classic” by fans.

The Taylor Gang rapper says he was inspired by classic albums from Nas, Jay Z, and Biggie, and in turn, wanted to create his own classic project. He also revealed that prior to releasing Kush & Orange Juice, he noticed a void in Hip Hop, one he hoped to change with the release of his mixtape.

Kush & Orange Juice for me is—I was always a fan of classic Hip Hop like Nas and Jay Z and Biggie,” Wiz Khalifa said. “So, it’s like Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic, and Ready To Die. So it’s like, ‘How do you make that classic? How do you get your classic album?’ And I made so many projects before Kush & Orange Juice. I did probably nine projects before that. And just being in Pittsburgh and catching my own wave, I felt really comfortable. And at that time I was just able to kind of shut out the whole world. And it was sort of just me coming to change what I had seen. And what I knew there was a void in the game of. And I was just that riding, smoking music…So, that was my angle when I did that.”

He then spoke on Kush & Orange Juice being labeled a classic by fans and also serving as the project that granted him the exposure needed to get his music career to where it is today.

“It’s pretty cool that everybody labels that as my classic,” he said. “Cause I put a lot of time and energy into it. To know that it came off exactly how I wanted it to and put me where I wanted to be in my career is really dope.”

Wiz Khalifa’s interview with MTV News can be found below.

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