Problem expresses his admiration for Compton, California rapper Eazy-E, who died 20 years ago last month.

“Eazy-E is the god of West Coast Rap,” Problem says in the episode of Live with Steve Lobel posted today (April 7). “He’s the top business-wise. As far as the music we listen today, it all started from him. He is the reason. He took control of his destiny, independently got out here and sold his movement to the world and shook this mofukka up. We still shaking from it.”

While talking with Hip Hop manager and personality Steve Lobel, the Compton rapper says he wants to watch the upcoming Straight Out Of Compton film.

“I can’t wait to see it,” Problem says. “I just got a chance to meet the person who plays Eazy. I tell him, ‘Man, you got it right here man.’”

Problem says he is disappointed by the court proceedings and alleged hit-and-run charges that have followed Suge Knight.

“I feel like it’s disheartening that he has to go through this,” Problem says. “He’s done so much for West Coast Hip Hop. I like to respect him for what he did for the city and the group of young men that are still able to perform today. Compton business is Compton business.”

Problem says his favorite rapper overall is young Eminem.

“Eminem, the early Eminem, storytelling, delivery, his beat selection and just how real he was,” Problem says. “He gave us his whole story on his album. I felt like I knew him. Plus I was going through some similar stuff at the time I was listening.”

The “Like Whaaat” rapper says going independent was a major boost for his career.

“I love it,” Problem says. “Great choice by me for us to it this way as opposed to the way, the traditional way people think you’re supposed to do it. I was signed to a major label, Universal Republic, and it just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t as prosperous as my family to me. My CEO is like my brother. He cares what’s going on here and you don’t get that at a major.”

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