While speaking with Vlad TV, Atlanta, Georgia rapper O.T. Genasis revealed the names of his picks for top five rappers and top five albums.

Among the artists the Southern wordsmith chose for his top five rappers were Tupac Shakur, Nas, Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G., and T.I. After rattling down his list of top rappers, O.T. Genasis went on to defend his decision to include T.I. on the list.

He explained that the Hustle Gang rapper was an artist he listened to when he began taking music seriously.

“The reason why I say Tip is like when I—Around the time when I really started taking my music seriously, that’s who I was listening to around that time,” O.T. Genasis said. “But all of these people are greats. But I studied them…This is what I was listening to and everything like that. So, top five I would say them.”

In regards to his top albums, the rapper named two albums from Jay Z and projects from Nas, Tupac, and Bone thugs-n-harmony. He later recalled getting into a fight with a friend after he attempted to destroy one of his Bone thugs-n-harmony albums.

“Top five albums. I like Jay Z’s Black Album. I like The Blueprint,” he said. “I like Illmatic. I like the Bone thugs-n-harmony album. The first was crazy. I got in a fight over the first one…I’ll never forget this. I had a tape and my friend at the moment, he threw my Bone thugs tape over the fence…He threw it over the fence. We got into an argument. He threw it over the fence and it was like pitbulls and stuff over there…I like all Pac’s albums.”