During an interview with BlurredCulture.com, Bone thugs-n-harmony lyricist Bizzy Bone spoke on what he sees in his future as well as the future of Bone thugs-n-harmony. The musician revealed that he hopes to be “sanging” and “enjoying life” in his old age and would like to prove that those in Bone thugs-n-harmony were truly “musicians forever.”

In regards to the Cleveland, Ohio-based group’s future, Bizzy stated that he hopes those in Bone thugs-n-harmony can get to the point where they’re “taken care of” later in life, thanks to their music.

“Grey hair flowing, sanging, enjoying life, being who I am,” the rapper said when asked about the future and endgame for Bizzy Bone. “Hopefully, my homeboys still wanna get out there and be talented. And it wasn’t just a fallacy that we’re musicians forever. That’s the test of time. That’s the old—What do they call it? Friendly competition. Who’s gonna be the musician the longest? And who really loves music around here. The fun shit. That’s the fun shit…As long as my brothers can walk, man. As long as they can sang, that’s what we do. The only difference is we have to make sure that we have paper. We have to make sure that we’re taken care of. We gotta have medical. We gotta have all of that stuff. So, when…it’s time to go to those wheelchairs and the monasteries, we’re set…That to me is a great plan for Bone thugs-n-harmony. All the way up until it’s time for either cremation, floating, burying, whatever it is.”

Later in the interview, Bizzy Bone named Cuba Gooding, Jr. as his favorite actor and praised Run-DMC for their contributions to Hip Hop. According to the wordsmith, Run-DMC served as pioneers in music and helped provide the blueprint for groups, duets, and the rapper/deejay combination.

“Crossover music, black-owned, hood-owned, crossing barriers,” Bizzy Bone said while speaking on Run-DMC. “Not just pioneers. But Run, let’s be honest, nobody could fuck with Run for a long ass time. They couldn’t fuck with his voice. They couldn’t fuck with what he did to the people…Like one of the first captivating emcees. And DMC was diabolical. Solid each time. Right there. So, they’re damn near the blueprint for a group, a duet. The rapper and the deejay together. We do that to this day…Pioneers for sure.”

Bizzy Bone’s interview with BlurredCulture.com can be found below.

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