A$AP Rocky was deeply hurt by the death of his friend A$AP Yams in January. The rapper tells The New York Times that he asked Yams to go to rehab to deal with his drug problems.

In the interview, A$AP Rocky says that after getting high on a plane ride, A$AP Yams had to be taken off the plane in a wheelchair and that was the final straw for Rocky.

“I hated to see him like that,” A$AP Rocky says. “That was it, man. It was like, ‘You got to go to rehab.'”

The rapper says that he first confronted Yams in 2011. His friend would be sober for a month at a time, but it wasn’t enough.

“I caught him a bunch of times, but he would still hide it,” Rocky says. “He was kind of private about it. He didn’t want his mom to know. He didn’t want me to know.”

The night of A$AP Yams’ death, A$AP Lou brought to A$AP Rocky’s attention that something was wrong. They found Yams asleep in a bed full of vomit.

“I was wilding on everybody,” Rocky says, “like, ‘Who let him do drugs?,’ even though you can’t blame nobody.”

A$AP Yams had long been battling drug abuse.

“He always had a struggle with drugs,” Rocky says. “That was his thing.”

Two months after Yams’ passing, the cause of death was announced to be “acute mixed drug intoxication.” Prior to the announcement, A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ant had both denied the speculation that Yams died of a drug overdose.

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