Preference in women varies depending on who you ask, however downplaying the beauty of another person often creates trouble, especially when that woman is Beyoncé.

Country rocker Kid Rock did just that. Recently in a Rolling Stone cover story, the rural Alabama native decided to take aim at the pop singer when asked about his preference in women. As usually expected from Rock, his comments were candid and unsheathed.

“Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a fucking ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth,” he said. “How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice fucking ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits.’ Doesn’t really fucking do much for me.”

Kid Rock’s comments perhaps come off a bit ignorant as Beyoncé has had at least six #1 singles including “Crazy In Love” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” Fans of Bey took to social media soon after to denounce his comments.

Watch Complex’s recap about Kid Rock’s comments below:

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