Attorney David Kenner provided an update to TMZ on the status of Suge Knight, during a press conference held this week. According to the former Death Row Records CEO’s attorney, Suge’s health issues are considered “serious” and he’s currently in the process of being evaluated by the medical staff at the jail he’s present at.

“They’re serious,” Attorney Kenner said when asked about Suge’s health issues. “We filed a motion today as the first step to get an evaluation by the medical staff at the jail. After we have that we’re going to be reporting back to the court, so that court can make a determination as to having a private physician evaluate [him].”

Attorney Kenner was later asked if Suge’s health issues have the potential to be life-threatening. He didn’t offer a yes or no answer, but did reveal that the blood clots Suge suffers from have the potential to be life-threatening.

“Blood clots are always potentially life-threatening,” he said. “Wherever they might be. They’re not always life-threatening. And people live with them for years. But if they break away from where they are and get to the heart, you’re dead.”

After Suge turned himself in and was subsequently arrested for his involvement in a deadly hit-and-run accident, which took place last month, the music executive was hospitalized after he suffered from an intense physical reaction to a potentially fatal blood clot.

TMZ revealed that Suge was then taken to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center to have the clot treated. He was reportedly released from the hospital late last week.

Additionally, reports that yesterday (February 9), a judge ordered Suge to stay in jail until his hearing in March, despite his medical issues.

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