Stevie Wonder listens to Kendrick Lamar.

The soul-singer mentions the rapper in a new interview that appears in the February issue of GQ Magazine.

In between conversing with the author about his own iconic status and staying relevant, Wonder comments on the Compton, California rapper’s capabilities and caring ways.

“Kendrick Lamar is extremely talented,” Wonder tells GQ. “But not only is he just talented. He has a real concern for the people.”

Wonder also shares his thoughts on the younger generation Kendrick is a part of.

“The good thing about the young,” he says, “is that they want to fix things. They don’t want to fall into the same ol’ bullshit.”

During the interview, Wonder started to “jam out to his own rendition of Kendrick’s new single, “i.'” The author writes:

“his braids bouncing into motion, the wattage of his huge smile going up a few notches as he uses all four limbs to tap out different rhythms to the song. He turns “i” into the Stevie Wonder version of Kendrick Lamar—as though everything that goes into his ears gets remixed before it comes out again.”

In 2013, Lamar was named one of GQ’s “Men Of The Year.” The men’s magazine published a coinciding story on the rapper that received criticism for its offensive suggestions and racial overtones.

Read the full GQ Stevie Wonder interview here.

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