According to Brooklyn, New York rapper Joey Bada$$, he was unaware that it was Malia Obama pictured in a selfie uploaded to the Pro Era Instagram account over a week ago. Joey spoke on the controversial picture of the first daughter during an interview with Bloomberg TV.

He said that upon realizing that it was Malia Obama in the picture, thanks to the comments and captions he read, he “wasted no time” reposting the picture himself.

“It was amazing,” Joey said. “So, I was in Australia and I pretty much woke up one morning and I looked at my phone and I seen a whole bunch of my friends posting this picture of this girl in this Pro Era shirt. I was like ‘What’s so special about this?’ I didn’t know who she was. I was like ‘What’s so special about this?’ And then as I started reading the comments and the captions then I was like ‘ohhhh.’ I wasted no time. I just reposted it myself.”

In addition to speaking on the eldest first daughter’s selfie, the Pro Era lyricist recalled his humble beginnings. Joey explained that he attempted to get featured on the WorldStarHipHop website at the start of his career nearly 10 times, but to no avail.

He revealed that he eventually uploaded a video to YouTube of himself freestyling and altered the video’s title to make it seem that he was featured on WorldStar.

“They basically just reinspired me to just chase the dream again,” he said while speaking on Pro Era and his decision to focus on rap. “So, it started with me just creating a YouTube account for myself. Just trying to make a platform. Something where I could just host anything that I make. One day, I just had this idea. I was like ‘This is what’s gonna make me be discovered by whoever, whom it may concern.’

“So, basically the idea was I would create this video of me freestyling, rapping,” the rapper added. “Whatever was my best at the time. And I’d send it to WorldStarHipHop…I decided to try and get it to them. So, it never made it to WorldStar. I sent it to them about nine, 10 times. So, what I ended up doing was just uploading it to my YouTube account. But I kind of faked everybody out because the way I put the title. I put ’15-year-old freestyles for WorldStarHipHop.’ So, immediately when everybody goes to this video it was the gaff that it was featured on the number one Hip Hop site.”

Joey Bada$$’s interview with Bloomberg TV can be found below (via HotNewHipHop).

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