DMX’s latest album, Redemption Of The Beast was released by Seven Arts Entertainment without the permission of X or his team, according to the Yonkers MC’s publicist and manager. HipHopDX spoke with X’s brother-manager, Montana, who says the release is a direct violation of their contract with the entertainment company.

“[Seven Arts Entertainment] had no right to put out a new album,” Montana says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “The only contract DMX had was for Undisputed and that came out two years ago. He don’t have a contract with them to [release] another album.” 

Montana says that DMX’s team has already sent out a cease and desist order to Seven Arts regarding Redemption Of The Beast

“You can’t just put somebody’s album out without permission,” he says. “X only had a contract with them for one album, and that album already came out a long time ago. If they wanted to come out with another album, they had to come to the table. That’s why we sent a cease and desist letter.”

Montana refuses to call Redemption Of The Beast an album, saying it was more like a poorly recycled version of Undisputed.

“[Some of the] songs are from the Undisputed album and there’s three extra songs that he recorded that were not on the Undisputed album that they just put on that album,” Montana says. “That’s what they did. We don’t even know where he got that picture [on the cover] from. It boils down to they have no rights to whip out that new album. His contract is over. He gave ‘em the first album. The owner called me said he’s stuck with a couple albums. He wants to push them out. He needed our help, so he had to sit at the table with us and he never did that. He decided to take it upon himself to do what the fuck he did. He was supposed to take care of some business with me and he took it upon himself not to do it, so he’s gonna have a lot of problems if he does. He’s already got problems.”

Last week, Seven Arts Entertainment’s CEO said the company was within its rights to release the album.

“DMX and his team fully cooperated on the production of this album,” said the CEO of Seven Arts Entertainment. “Redemption Of The Beast was the second album planned for release with DMX in September of 2012, following the release of Undisputed. These new masters represent the best of this legendary artist and offer production by some of the best in the industry. All fans are invited to listen to the music, which is the real thing, the ‘rough and ready’ of DMX. The music and artistry speaks for itself.”

Earlier this month, Swizz Beatz said that Redemption Of The Beast was a “fake” DMX album.

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