During an interview with Vlad TV, Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper Logic spoke on the reluctance of those in Hip Hop to remake songs.

After it was mentioned that remaking songs in rock and jazz is a heavily accepted occurrence and that Snoop Dogg’s “Lodi Dodi” (a remake of Doug E. Fresh’s “La Di Da Di”) was one of the first Hip Hop remakes, Logic shared his belief that the idea to avoid remakes in rap is both “stupid” and “primitive.”

While speaking on the matter, Logic used Drake, Migos, and J. Cole as examples of what he feels are the skewed beliefs behind remaking in Hip Hop.

“But don’t you think that that’s kind of like—That’s kind of like stupid? That’s primitive,” Logic said. “Personally, I think it’s primitive. I think there’s a difference between ‘Oh, I’m just gonna take this whole dude’s everything. I’m gonna take his story, his style. The this, the that.’ Like you just literally take everything and copy it. That is unacceptable because Hip Hop in fact was built upon fact. But to go like ‘Oh man, I love this Kanye flow’ or some shit like that. To me, Drake is king. To me, in this world of pop and rap and Hip Hop. He’s just been killing it…So, Drake can just take Migos’ whole shit and then do it on like nine songs in the same year. And like two or three times on his album. And that’s cool. No problem. That’s cool. But then J. Cole wanna joke around with the flow on ‘TKO’ and people are like ‘That’s Drake’s flow.’ That’s the shit that’s so weird about this.”

Logic later revealed that he has no problem borrowing inspiration from other artists and did so with his last album, Under Pressure.

“I think you should just be honest,” he said. “Dude, my album was inspired by so many different things. So many different things. In Hip Hop, outside of Hip Hop. New cats. I mean, everything. Listening to Drake’s melodies or the fact that Kendrick told his story. It made me go ‘Oh wow, I can just tell my story.’”

Logic’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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