In a preview of a new cover story for Billboard, Kendrick Lamar addresses Iggy Azalea and the rapper’s current status in the industry.

“She’s doing her thing,” Lamar said of the often-criticized Australian rapper. “Let her. People have to go through trials and tribulations to get where they at. Do your thing, continue to rock it, because obviously God wants you here.”

Over the last couple months, Azalea has been under fire for her status and self-positioning in the industry. In late December, Q-Tip unleashed a long series of Tweets directly addressed at Iggy Azalea, retreading the history of Hip Hop and its importance and unique relevance to communities of color.

Also in the Billboard story preview, Lamar touched on his Grammy loss last year and hinted at wanting to move past a debacle over Macklemore’s Best Rap Album win.

“I appreciate [the Grammys] recognizing me,” Kendrick said. “That’s not my overall goal…It’s best to just go and enjoy the festivities.”

Lamar added of Macklemore specifically, “I wish him much success.”

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