Tyler, The Creator is always charismatic when doing interviews or just being caught being himself. Recently though the Odd Future rapper was asked about religion and Christianity and didn’t offer as much in the way of a formed opinion about it.

Speaking with Aktive LA backstage at a Jhene Aiko concert, Tyler says he doesn’t know about his faith and that he only believes that The Bible is an object and not necessarily the stories inside of it.

“It’s an actual thing, it’s an object so it’s not not to believe,” he said when asked whether he believes in The Bible. “Like I can pick it up ’cause it’s right there.” Tyler, The Creator also says he’s unsure whether either God or the devil exist.

“I’ve never met the dude, I have no idea,” he said. “I’ve seen a opossum, I’m afraid of a opossum.”

He admits he hasn’t read The Bible fully and that his opinion of it wouldn’t be valid until doing so. He also explains that if he did see God, he might change his mind.

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